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I have been using Mark Cook with the Stratam Group for close to 2 years now for my Chiropractic business . I can honesty give him and his team my highest recommendation. I have never felt so "safe" with entrusting my business with anyone like I have with him. His knowledge and experience is bar none. I can only have wished that I have used him earlier in my 20 years of practice. Thank you Mark, my life is better because of you.

Edward Rak

Mark and his team are such a value in keeping our business statistics and giving us detailed reports so we can make intelligent decisions regarding our finances. They are able to compare us to similar businesses in our market so we know exactly where we stand. Thanks Mark and Team!!

Todd Osborne

Mark is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. His experience and advice speaks for itself in 'keeping a pulse' on your business, which includes what is currently happening, and also what can be done to meet your goals. Thank you Mark and team!!

Kurt Kramer

I give Mark Cook/Stratam Group my highest recommendation! I’ve been working with him for 7 yrs. I have been in Chiropractic practice for 35 yrs. Using Stratam’s full array of services has allowed us to know with certainty we’re financially accurate, current and managed properly.

Dr. George Foedisch

Very good people to work with. They know their stuff and topically get things handed in a timely manner.<.p>

Jason Swan